All the great cultures of mankind are produced by cities

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urban economic development,

The status quo of art and culture.


At present, the urban economy is developing steadily under the background of the new economic normal. Under the new normal of the economy, the overall economic

The economic growth rate is not fast, and the growth rate and activity of the urban economy have slowed down significantly. City Economics

The mode and pattern of economic development are changing, and seeking a new mode of economic growth is the key to the sustainable development of urban economy.

imperative for sustainable development.


The cultural and art industry is currently in a golden period of development. Urban culture is the soul and

The foundation is the core element to enhance the city's attractiveness, competitiveness, influence and soft power.

the development of the city's economy,

Produced and promoted the prosperity of culture and art.


In the historical process of human cultural development, every prosperity and prosperity of culture and art is related to a

Great cities are destined. Cities not only promote economic development, but also condense human spirit and wisdom.

Hui. The prosperity of culture and art has an indissoluble bond with the city, which is the key to the city's political stability and economic prosperity.

As the manifestation of the two pillars.


Cities are not only the concentration of human material wealth, but also the source and habitat of human spiritual culture.

The land is also an accelerator of cultural development. Just as the German scholar Spengler wrote in "The Decline of the West"

The book says, "All the great cultures of mankind are produced by cities."

culture and art,

Directly promote the transformation and upgrading of urban industries.


The development of the cultural and art industry will definitely be on par with the development of material wealth, bringing about a huge new

economic development effect. According to the experience of developed countries, when the per capita GDP reaches US$5,000, residents

consumption has changed from material consumption to spiritual and cultural consumption.


With the transformation of urban consumption concepts, attempts to integrate culture and art with traditional economic industries have been repeated.

It is not uncommon and has achieved remarkable results, and gradually formed a new term - new urban culture.

Urban economy + culture and art,

Create a better life.

The integration of urban economy and culture and art will sprout many new industries at present and in the future.

These emerging industries not only enrich the diversification of the urban economy, but also will become a new source of urban economic development.

growth point, while urban economic development has gradually fed back culture and art, becoming a fertile ground for cultivating culture and art.