Immersive art installation that interprets the beauty of light and color

发布时间:2023-04-03 16:31

Parallel Perspectives

Parallel view

The installation includes static and dynamic works, cubes made of colored acrylic, pulses

Light boxes and immersive lamps, different visual effects affect people in different places

their perception of color.

Linear Sky

linear sky

The corridor, named Linear Sky, contains light fixtures of different lengths, producing a unique

optical illusion. LED lighting sequences inspired by the changing hues of the Kansas City sky, from

The colors look different from different directions.


Color Code

color code

"Color Code" consists of nine paintings, painted on six-foot by six-foot colored squares

Spell "SOS" in Morse code. A pattern in complementary colors creates a playful visual effect.


spiral garden

In order to convey NSK's technology simply and beautifully, Emmanuelle exhibited

presents a magnificent installation on the theme of "Color Mixing" to demonstrate the use of bearings

color movement.


Universe Of Words

word universe

The installation consists of approximately 140,000 hiraganas, the simplest in Japanese

The written alphabet, consisting of 46 different characters. The swaying chess pieces are arranged regularly

in three dimensional grids and invites people to play in a colorful installation

Wandering in the cut path.

Color Of Time

color of time

'The Color of Time' by artist emmanuelle moureaux in toyama prefecture

The Museum of Art and Design, through an ongoing journey of 100 colors, showcases this

kind of time flow.