From Paris to Shenzhen | Mr. Rose's Asia First Exhibition Landing in Shenzhen Bay Vientiane City

发布时间:2023-04-03 16:22

The power of cuteness goes far beyond continental Europe, and don't forget that it can overturn Paris' obsession with elegance.& ldquo; Cute Energy” Spanning over 9500 kilometers, Mr. Rose set out from Paris to Shenzhen. From June 24 to August 31, 2022, Shenzhen Bay Vientiane City was held in conjunction with the Shifang Culture“ BAY SUMMER FUN” Exhibition! This is both the first Asian exhibition of loveliness and the first Asian show of Gentlemen Rose. This summer, with the same positioning as Le Pen Marshall Department Store, the Shenzhen Bay Vientiane City meets Mr. Rose, who is created by cuteness. The lovely light wave has been fully released, filling Shenzhen with beautiful energy