Main Business

Brand Strategy
Brand positioning / marketing strategy / media communication
Through accurate market insights, we help customers complete brand positioning strategies and tap potential consumer groups of brands. Services cover brand visual design, advertising video production, media strategy and brand integrated communication solutions, helping brands to increase their visibility and reputation and achieve business growth.
Public Relations Event
Brand Ceremony / New Product Release / Experience Marketing
Provide public relations activities for mid-to-high-end lifestyle brands, creative spaces, and urban cultural events in various industries, including event creative planning, resource integration, and landing execution, providing customers with customized experience marketing integration and communication, and helping customers innovate brands Content to enhance market influence.
Culture Art
Art Curation / International Tour / IP Operations
Integrate rich domestic and foreign cultural and artistic resources, motivate various cultural and artistic exhibitions, introduce international high-quality cultural IP, and carry out international cultural and artistic study tours and aesthetic education activities. Continuously enrich the construction of urban cultural content, create an international urban culture and art business card, and vigorously enhance the soft power of the city.
Industry Operations
Theme Town / Content Operation / Cultural and Creative Development
Provide pre-development development positioning, commercial operation plans and other overall planning for various theme towns in cities; content planning and cultural output of theme towns; develop high-quality cultural and creative products, and conduct market promotion. Inject a steady stream of energy into the cultural and creative industries and innovate urban cultural content.

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